IndyStar: Scott Fadness: I’m the mayor of Fishers. Brad Chambers is the leader Indiana needs.

By Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness
In the Indianapolis Star

I have spent the last decade of my life working to develop a dynamic Fishers economy, redefining local government to meet the changing needs of our residents, and trying to develop a strong collaborative environment for our region.

While I’m proud of what we’re accomplishing in Fishers, there is still a long way to go to ensure our city, region and state can compete and succeed into the future. Indiana has significant challenges to overcome; a failing education system, slow wage growth, an antiquated economy, high health care costs, and an ever-growing inclination to settle for the status quo; a resignation that things won’t change for the better.

I believe we can tackle these issues and meaningfully change the course for our state, but to do so, we need the right leader at the helm. I’m supporting Brad Chambers for governor because he is the only candidate with the vision, ideas and proven tenacity to deliver.

Brad is a visionary entrepreneur who started a lawn mowing business in high school and a rental business in college that he grew into a multi-billion-dollar real estate portfolio providing careers for hundreds of people. He is known as a decisive entrepreneur who is not afraid of a difficult project or a tough negotiation.

Entrepreneurs, by their nature, are risk takers, but they are also willing to accept the responsibility of those risks. That’s the approach we need in Indiana.

His motivation for running for governor comes from his lived experience, not a desire for a political career. He is driven to create an environment where more Hoosiers can seize on better economic opportunities and, in doing so, free them from dependency on big government. He genuinely wants to fix what is broken so that others can have the same opportunities that he’s had; so that our kids and grandkids want to live, work and raise their own families in Indiana.

We need a leader who has and continues to demonstrate a sense of urgency for progress, if not an outright indignation with the status quo. To change Indiana’s bureaucracy and general mindset will require nothing less.

We are competing in this new economy with not only other states, but also other countries. If we don’t aggressively pursue opportunities for Hoosiers, think boldly and take risks, we will get left behind and Hoosiers will continue to struggle.

When Brad served his two-year appointment as secretary of commerce, he dramatically changed how Indiana was pursuing economic development in the state. Instead of waiting for opportunities to land in our lap, he went out and pursued the ones that would make a difference for Hoosiers.

Because of Brad’s leadership, communities like Kokomo, Lebanon and New Carlisle are welcoming significant first-time industry investments and new high-wage jobs that will positively change the trajectory for those regions.

Does he share the same conservative values as many Hoosiers? Without a doubt. But conservative values without vision, passion, and a sense of urgency will be nothing more than a recipe for Indiana to stagnate. The next governor must have the intestinal fortitude to do what is best for our state even when it may not be the most politically expedient.

Whether rural, urban or suburban, to propel Indiana and our communities forward, we need a leader who’s not afraid to shake things up. We need a leader whose ambitions are Indiana’s ambitions, and not their own personal career ambitions. Indiana needs a proven executive leader. That leader is Brad Chambers.

Scott Fadness is the mayor of Fishers.