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As Secretary of Commerce, Brad’s strategic vision for Indiana’s economy of the future led to record committed capital investment and wage growth, bringing more opportunity to Hoosiers across the state.

Brad Chambers is a political outsider and the only candidate for governor who has never run for office before. Hoosier-born and raised, Brad started a business to help pay his way through college at Indiana University.

With a focus on Midwestern values, creativity and community involvement, Brad has grown that business over nearly 40 years from its first rental property purchase to a real estate portfolio exceeding $3 billion and providing careers for 400 employees.

Brad recently concluded a historic two-year term as the Secretary of Commerce for the state of Indiana, stepping away from his business and serving the state for just $1 a year. Under his leadership, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) secured nearly $51 billion of committed capital investments, including an unprecedented $28.7 billion in 2023, with average wages 30% higher than at any time in state history.

As Secretary of Commerce, Brad created an ambitious “5E” vision for Indiana’s economic future that is transforming the Indiana economy with first-ever industry investments in microelectronics, electric vehicles and the largest life sciences investment in state history.

Brad also serves as a founder and board member of the Buckingham Foundation Inc., a philanthropic organization focused on making a positive impact on communities within the mission areas of affordable housing, community and economic development, arts and culture, and childhood hunger.

Brad received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. He and his wife, Carol, are parents to their son, Nick. Committed to his faith, Brad is a trustee and longtime active member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Indianapolis.