Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch is Lying to Hoosiers with False Ads on Taxes

INDIANAPOLIS (Apr. 15, 2024) – Like a typical career politician, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch will say anything to try to get elected — even if it means lying and making promises she can’t keep.

“Make 2024 the last year you file state income tax and save thousands* of dollars every year,” claims a paid social media advertisement from her campaign.

Lt. Gov. Crouch wants to have it both ways. When challenged about the viability of her campaign promise and what programs she would cut to offset the roughly $9 billion in state revenue, she repeatedly says it “has to be phased in… it can’t happen overnight.”

But she has doubled down on her lie with a social media post saying, “Let’s make 2024 the last year you file state income tax!”

“It’s more than misleading voters — it’s an out and out lie,” said Chambers for Indiana Chairman Kyle Hupfer. “Not only can it not happen overnight, but it also cannot happen when Lt. Gov. Crouch campaigns for increasing government spending with no plans to pay for any of it. She epitomizes the typical say anything career politician.”

Never mind the fact that the state legislature would have to approve such a proposal next spring and have it be retroactive to make Lt. Gov. Crouch’s false advertisement come true.

Lt. Gov Crouch doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to taxes. In the state legislature, she:

  • Voted to increase sales tax from 6% to 7%
  • Voted to extend the period to allow for increased county level income taxes
  • Voted for the creation of the Internet sales tax
  • Voted to increase county level vehicle taxes
  • Voted for three separate cigarette tax increases
  • Voted against increasing the inheritance tax exemption for class A transferees

“Having taken a taxpayer-funded government paycheck for 30 years, you would think Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch would treat Hoosiers with more respect and honesty,” added Hupfer. “Unfortunately, Lt. Governor Crouch is a typical career politician who has voted to raise your taxes and is making promises she knows she can’t keep because she’ll say anything to try to get elected.”