IndyStar: Susan Brooks: Brad Chambers will get things done as Indiana governor

By Susan Brooks
In the Indianapolis Star

As my fourth and final term serving the Hoosiers of the 5th District came to an end, I took to the House floor to outline four steps that I believed would restore public trust and faith in government.

I thought the first step was relatively simple: Do the work.

That means bringing new and ambitious ideas and plans to the table, listening to constituents, doing your homework, learning from the experts and working relentlessly until the job is done, and then more.

That may not always be easy — in fact, it hardly ever is — but that is what I believe Hoosiers who entrust others with their vote deserve.

Not someone who just makes promises, but someone who gets things done.

And that is why I am supporting Brad Chambers for governor.

Chambers has been a doer his entire life. As a teenager, he started a lawn mowing business with his friends before starting a real estate business to pay his way through college. That single-unit business turned into a 31-unit business by the time he had graduated. Today, it is a national business that employs hundreds of people.