‘Indiana’s Next Outsider’: Chambers for Indiana Releases Newest TV Ad

INDIANAPOLIS (Mar. 20, 2024) – Chambers for Indiana today announced the release of its newest television ad, which is now airing.

The ad, titled “Our Next Outsider,” makes the case that Indiana’s next governor should be an outsider and bold leader.

“In Indiana, it’s time for a change, an outsider. Bold leaders like Ronald Reagan, Mitch Daniels,” the ad states.

“To tackle Indiana’s challenges and build a brighter future will take someone from outside the political system,” stated Republican gubernatorial candidate Brad Chambers. “It’s been 20 years since Indiana first sent businessman and outsider Mitch Daniels to the governor’s office. Mitch came in with fresh eyes and transformed government, making it work better for all Hoosiers. That’s the type of bold leadership Indiana needs once again, and that’s why I’m running for governor.”



Narrator (N): In Indiana, it’s time for a change, an outsider.

N: Bold leaders like Ronald Reagan, Mitch Daniels…

N: Leaders we can trust to make a difference in every Hoosier’s life.

N: That’s the kind of governor Brad Chambers will be.

N: Only Brad Chambers can bring an outsider’s vision to life, like Mitch Daniels once did.

N: Chambers will focus on cutting red tape, growing jobs and improving schools so every child can chase their dream.

N: Brad Chambers — Indiana’s next outsider.