Hearld Bulletin: Chambers stressing economic growth in governor race

By Ken de la Bastide
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Gubernatorial candidate Brad Chambers said his message is one of being an outsider with fresh ideas.

Chambers was in Anderson Friday to meet with The Herald Bulletin. He stated he is running for a service job, not a career change.

He is running in the Republican Party primary against Mike Braun, Suzanne Crouch, Eric Doden, Curtis Hill and Jamie Reitenour.

“I’m the only candidate talking about growing the economy,” said Chambers, the former CEO of the Indiana Economic Development Corp. “I want to put more money into the pockets of Hoosiers.”

He said in the past two years, Indiana has seen investments of $50 billion and wages that are 30% higher.

“I believe the state needs to be run as a business,” he said. “I’m running a campaign that is good for Hoosiers.”

Chambers said the quality of life for Indiana residents will be raised through good paying jobs that will keep their children and grandchildren here.

He said the technology center being planned in Lebanon is a result of leadership and long-term decision making that is good for Indiana.

Chambers noted that once the project was announced, Lilly announced the biggest investment in the state’s history.

Chambers said Anderson has a history of manufacturing and is the home of genuine Hoosiers.

“Anderson is important to give people an opportunity,” he said. “The other candidates don’t have the skill to grow the state’s economy.”

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