CURRENT: Letter: Put all of Indiana on the Map

By Steve Collier


For eight years, I worked to build a vibrant Lawrence full of opportunity for our citizens, similar to or exceeding what was happening in our neighboring cities.

Spending my entire life here, I’d seen how our neighbors had grown and thrived and was convinced we could do the same in Lawrence. I knew it would require hard work and a vision for our city.

So, like the many student-athletes I coached over three decades at Lawrence North High School, I stepped up to the plate and swung for the fences. That strategy led to unprecedented economic momentum, with great companies and jobs coming to our city, upgraded infrastructure, restored fiscal health, new and exciting amenities and a growing population.

I’m proud of what we were able to do to put Lawrence on the map. Now, it’s time to put all of Indiana on the map. That’s why I’m supporting Brad Chambers for governor.

As Indiana’s secretary of commerce, Brad implemented an ambitious vision for our state’s economy that resulted in tens of billions of dollars in investment from future-focused companies and tens of thousands of high-wage jobs.

Brad positioned Indiana to compete for and win transformational economic development projects. Because, as you’ll hear him say, with our state’s stellar universities, skilled workforce and manufacturing and innovation heritage, Indiana should be on the map. With recently announced multibillion-dollar investments in semiconductors, electric vehicles and more, I believe there’s no doubt Indiana is on its way.

But Brad will tell you there’s more to do.

That’s the type of leader we need — someone who never stops working, someone who doesn’t settle for the status quo, someone with a vision who will see it through to fruition.

Join me in supporting Brad Chambers, a Lawrence Township native, to be our next governor.

Steve Collier is the former mayor of Lawrence.