Brad Chambers Releases ‘Play to Win’ Plan to Build on Indiana’s Unprecedented Economic Momentum

FISHERS, Ind. (Mar. 18, 2024) – Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers today released his Play to Win plan to build on Indiana’s unprecedented economic momentum by investing in infrastructure, strategically lowering taxes, making Indiana a top state for entrepreneurship, supporting small- and medium-sized businesses and investing in the future of agriculture, among other proposals.

“When Hoosiers are financially stable and when they have more money in their pockets, their quality of life is better, government can be smaller and taxes can be lower,” stated Chambers. “That’s why I believe that the No. 1 job of a governor is to grow the economy.”

“It’s unacceptable to me that Indiana’s economic growth and average wage have lagged the national average for so long. My plan will help us build a winning economy of the future, raising wages and creating more opportunities for Hoosiers to build a great life right here in Indiana,” he added.

From the plan: As Indiana’s Secretary of Commerce, I built a dynamic team and implemented an aspirational, strategic plan that proved Indiana could win in the global economy, attracting and retaining businesses both small and large that provide high-wage careers for Hoosiers. In just two years, we brought in a historic $51 billion in new committed capital investment, growing state revenues and creating tens of thousands of high-wage careers with wages 30 percent higher than at any time in state history. That included two new high-wage industries: semiconductors and EV batteries.

We proved that Indiana can shoot higher, run faster and aspire for more than its fair share.

The Brad Chambers Play to Win plan:

  • Play economic offense
  • Strategically invest in Indiana’s infrastructure
  • Ensure energy affordability, resource adequacy and reliability
  • Strategically lower taxes
  • Support small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Make Indiana a top state for entrepreneurship
  • Build a workforce of the future
  • Protect farmers and invest in the future of agriculture
  • Invest in all Hoosier communities
  • Make housing available and affordable for all Hoosiers