Brad Chambers Releases Plan to Prepare Every Hoosier Student for a Successful Future

INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 18, 2024) – Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers today released his plan to transform Indiana’s education system by requiring all students to pass IREAD 3 before moving beyond third grade, ensuring funding truly follows the student to give parents ample choice in their children’s education, making clear career pathways available to students beginning in seventh grade and individualizing instruction using digital technologies, among other proposals.

“To prepare Hoosier students for the future and our state for continued economic success, we must rethink and redesign our education system, ensuring parents are front and center,” stated Brad Chambers. “For far too long our system has been backward-looking instead of forward-looking, preventing our students from achieving their maximum potential in an economy of the future. Now is the time to act boldly and with urgency to get this right.”

From the plan: “Our current system is not producing enough well-educated Hoosiers. We leave too many behind who cannot read, who are allowed to receive a high school degree without fully earning it or who simply drop out altogether. Our state’s economic future depends on addressing these issues with urgency and aspiration.”

The Brad Chambers Learn More, Earn More plan:

  • Requires all students to pass IREAD3 before moving beyond third grade
  • Ensures funding truly follows the student to give parents ample choice
  • Creates clear career pathways for students beginning in seventh grade
  • Allows for individualized education using digital technologies
  • Increases focus on skill-based learning
  • Combats chronic student absenteeism by ensuring parental and community engagement
  • Increases teacher pay based on performance and demand
  • Ensures students have access to secure, reliable broadband

You can read the full plan by clicking here.