Brad Chambers Releases Plan for a Safer Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 15, 2023) – Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers today released his plan to build a safer Indiana by instituting mandatory minimum bail for repeat and violent offenders, codifying qualified immunity into state law, and creating regional, multi-disciplinary task forces to help tackle the fentanyl epidemic, among other proposals.

“Our law enforcement officers and first responders have endured relentless attacks over the past few years, all while career politicians out in Washington, D.C., call for their departments to be defunded or their legal protections to be scaled back,” stated Chambers. “For Indiana to be prosperous, we must first ensure Hoosiers and our communities are safe — that starts by supporting law enforcement and first responders, not attacking them.”

“My plan provides them with the resources and support they need to not just do their jobs but also thrive as our friends and neighbors,” he added.

The Brad Chambers Protect and Serve plan:

  • Institutes mandatory minimum bail for violent and repeat offenders
  • Enhances and strengthens qualified immunity
  • Creates regional, multi-disciplinary, cross-jurisdictional task forces to help tackle the fentanyl epidemic
  • Proposes enhanced recruitment efforts to attract and retain first responders
  • Expands behavioral health centers
  • Ensures our first responders are well-trained
  • Allows licensed childcare facilities to qualify for the Indiana Secured School Grant program

You can read the full plan by clicking here.