WANE 15: Gubernatorial candidate Brad Chambers visits WANE 15

By Dirk Rowley

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — After ending weeks of speculation and launching his campaign for governor in August, Republican Brad Chambers made his first Fort Wayne media stop with WANE 15 Tuesday.

“I’m optimistic about Indiana’s future,” said the former Indiana Secretary of Commerce. Chambers’ two-year term as head of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) ended in early August.

Chambers said the number one job of the governor is to grow the economy to improve Hoosiers’ quality of life.

“A growing economy generates revenue and resources that can then be reinvested to address challenges, whether it’s mental health or fentanyl or education or public safety,” he explained.

Chambers, who founded and grew Buckingham Companies into a real estate company with 400 employees and a portfolio exceeding $3 billion in holdings, donated $5 million to his own campaign.

“I think it shows incredible investment in my belief that Indiana is a great product,” he said, adding he waited to enter the race to complete his term at the IEDC and to be sure he could “make a difference.”

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