The Times of Northwest Indiana: Chambers listening to Hoosier ‘customers’ as he campaigns for governor

By Dan Carden
The Northwest Indiana Times

MERRILLVILLE, Ind. — The elections are over. Let the elections begin.

Less than 24 hours after the polls closed Tuesday night, former Indiana Commerce Secretary Brad Chambers, a Republican running for Indiana governor at the May 7, 2024, primary, traveled to Northwest Indiana to chat with his “customers” about their hopes and dreams for the state, and his potential to fulfill them.

Chambers, an Indianapolis property developer who put his business on hold to lead the Indiana Economic Development Corp. for the past two years, said he knows from experience the best way to run a business is by listening to the customer, and he thinks meeting with small groups of Hoosier taxpayers and hearing their ideas might be the best way to run the state as well.

“There’s different views and all those views matter — and I’m listening,” Chambers said.

“What I’m hearing is we need someone with fresh ideas. We need someone who maybe comes from outside politics, who has never done this before, who has fresh views, who is entrepreneurial and business-focused, and who is capable of running the business of the state and growing the economy.”

Chambers said in an exclusive interview with The Times Wednesday he believes Indiana has unlimited potential but is only using a portion of it. Wages, for example, should not be languishing below the national average when Indiana has great people, a great workforce, a great location and great universities.

“I’ve looked under the hood of this really fast car, and, you know, there’s a lot of power and opportunity and potential to grow our economy and lift people up,” Chambers said.

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