The Morgan County Correspondent: Gubernatorial candidate makes stop in Brooklyn

By Lance Giddeon
The Morgan County Correspondent

BROOKLYN, Ind. — With Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb’s time in office coming to an end, multiple candidates have jumped into the race to replace him.

One of those candidates is former Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers, who is running against four other candidates for the Republican nomination for governor in the May 2024 primary election.

During a stop in Brooklyn on Oct. 21, Chambers discussed why he decided to run for governor.

“I think Indiana has got unlimited potential,” Chambers said about his run for the state’s top job. “Indiana is good, but it can be great. We have to go get it. We can’t just sit back and expect it to show up. You have to go play economic offense to lift Hoosiers up economically.”

In the private sector, Chambers founded and leads Indianapolis-based Buckingham Companies, a real estate investment firm that manages a portfolio of more than $3 billion.

Chambers considers himself a political outsider, having never previously run for political office. And he believes his experience running a business makes him an ideal candidate for the job.

“I experience the ups and downs of running a business,” Chambers said. “The struggles of starting a business from nothing — worried about all the things small business owners worry about like making payroll and revenues and expenses.”

Businesses have to run efficiently in order to remain open, and Chambers believes that experience “is the best training ground for someone to be the CEO of our state.”

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