The Journal Gazette: Gubernatorial candidate says he wants to build successful future for Indiana

By Madelyn Kidd
The Journal Gazette

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Brad Chambers, one of five Republican candidates for governor, said he sees a future for Indiana he wants to make happen.

Chambers said his ideal Indiana provides financial stability and prosperity, high wage opportunities and great careers to keep young Hoosiers in state, safe environments and a better public education system. That is why he chose to run for office.

A growing economy would allow for this future, he said at The Journal Gazette today.

“I believe the No. 1 job of governor is to grow the economy because a growing economy allows you to invest in quality of life,” he said.

Chambers is a business owner who created his company in his 20s, which he said has given him a “humble journey.”

He said running a business and serving as governor share similarities that would help him if elected. Business owners and state leaders have to build great teams to be successful to run efficiently, he added.

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