The Herald Bulletin: Governor candidate Chambers outlines public safety plan

By Ken de la Bastide
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Governor candidate Brad Chambers has outlined a public safety plan that he believes will help people find economic stability.

Chambers is one of several Republicans seeking the party’s gubernatorial nomination.

As a former executive director of the Indiana Economic Development Corp., he said 53% of the $33 billion invested in Indiana has been in rural areas.

“We need jobs paying high wages and an environment for people to build a life in Indiana, raise a family and buy a home. That’s done by strengthening public safety,” Chambers said.

In a recent interview with The Herald Bulletin, Chambers discussed his plan, which addresses bail reform, mental health, drug abuse and immunity for police officers.

Concerning bail reform, Chambers said he’s been listening to prosecutors, public safety officials and police officers.

“Police officers are doing their job by arresting violent and repeat offenders and seeing them released the next day,” he said. “That has an impact on police officer morale.”

Chambers’ plan calls for a mandatory minimum bond for violent and repeat offenders.

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