Statement by Brad Chambers on the Conclusion of the 2024 Legislative Session

INDIANAPOLIS (Mar. 9, 2024) – Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers today released the following statement on last night’s conclusion of the 2024 legislative session:

“I’m thankful for the legislature’s work this session and encouraged by the important progress made on many of the issues I hear about talking with countless Hoosiers on the road,” stated Chambers. “More third graders will now be set up for a lifetime of success; child care will be more affordable and accessible; children will be protected from the harms of unfettered access to adult content; farmland and critical infrastructure will stay out of our adversaries’ hands; and our Jewish community will know hate against them will not be tolerated.”

“There remains more work to do, and as Indiana’s next governor, I’ll be ready to work alongside the legislature to continue this progress and implement our plans for an even better Indiana,” he added.



The legislature passed multiple bills that align with Brad’s plans for Indiana, including:

Senate Enrolled Act 1: Reading skills

  • Authored by: Sen. Linda Rogers, Sen. Jeff Raatz and Sen. Brian Buchanan
  • Sponsored by: Rep. Jake Teshka, Rep. Robert Behning, Rep. Joanna King and Rep. Michelle Davis

Senate Enrolled Act 2: Child care

  • Authored by: Sen. Ed Charbonneau, Sen. Spencer Deery and Sen. Shelli Yoder
  • Sponsored by: Rep. Dale DeVon, Rep. Julie McGuire, Rep. Lindsay Patterson and Rep. Robin Shackleford

Senate Enrolled Act 17: Age verification for material harmful to minors

  • Authored by: Sen. Mike Bohacek, Sen. Spencer Deery and Sen. Liz Brown
  • Sponsored by: Rep. Joanna King, Rep. Mike Speedy, Rep. Jim Pressel and Rep. Lori Goss-Reaves

House Enrolled Act 1183: Foreign ownership of land

  • Authored by: Rep. Kendell Culp
  • Sponsored by: Sen. Jean Leising, Sen. Greg Goode, Sen. Blake Doriot, Sen. Eric Koch, Sen. Susan Glick, Sen. James Tomes and Sen. Lonnie Randolph

House Enrolled Act: 1002: Enforcement of equal educational opportunity

  • Authored by: Rep. Chris Jeter
  • Sponsored by: Sen. Aaron Freeman, Sen. Scott Baldwin, Sen. Chris Garten, Sen. Stacey Donato, Sen. Greg Goode, Sen. Blake Doriot and Sen. Ron Alting