‘Senator Wonder Bread’: Here’s What U.S. Senator Braun is Doing in Washington on Your Dime

INDIANAPOLIS (Apr. 1, 2024) – Career politician U.S. Senator Mike Braun has now spent over five years in Washington, D.C.

Because he constantly reminds Hoosiers to check candidates’ records, we thought we’d see what he’s been up to since he’s been there and collected nearly $1 million from taxpayers.

What we found is (sadly) no April Fool’s joke.

… Bread. ‘Soft’ bread…

U.S. Sen. Braun sponsored a resolution to celebrate Wonder Bread; it died in committee. The resolution reads, in part, “Whereas ‘soft’ bread was desirable, leading the company to develop a bread with an even texture, soft crust, and a resiliency that enabled butter, jam, and peanut butter to be easily spread upon it…”

… Plants

U.S. Sen. Braun sponsored a resolution designating April 2024 as “National Native Plant Month.” The resolution reads, in part, “Whereas native plants provide shelter as well as nectar, pollen, and seeds that serve as food for native butterflies, insects, birds…”

… Fossils

U.S. Sen. Mike Braun sponsored a bill to name the fossil of the mastodon as the “national fossil.” According to U.S. Sen. Braun, mastodons “embody (sic) the spirit of exploration, resilience, and strength that exemplifies our great nation.”

Statement from Chambers for Indiana Senior Strategist Marty Obst: “Even on April Fool’s Day, U.S. Senator Mike Braun’s record is a sad joke. Hoosier taxpayers deserve a refund from Senator Wonder Bread for wasting their hard-earned dollars recognizing bread, plants and fossils while missing vital votes and attempting to take qualified immunity away from law enforcement.”