News and Tribune: Letter to the Editor: Brad Chambers for governor

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“It’s the economy, stupid.”

Though arguably not the most eloquent or polite bit of political commentary ever uttered, it is a time-tested accurate one. This now oft-repeated line was first said by Democratic political strategist James Carville in 1992 while working on Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign. The line immortalized the notion that people prioritize their own financial status over any other political or social issue and was meant to remind Mr. Clinton – and all political candidates, really – to focus on financial well-being above all else.

All these years later, not much has changed. According to a recent survey conducted by the investing app Stash, the top concern for 39% of middle-class Americans – those making $50,000 to $150,000 – was the economy and, more specifically, their own personal finances. More of a concern than their families, work pressures, health care costs, or politics. In fact, only 4% of respondents said political and social issues were their top concern.

And only one candidate for governor of Indiana appears to feel similarly about the economy’s priority: entrepreneur and independent businessman Brad Chambers.

According to Chambers, the number one job of a governor is to grow the state’s economy, creating the conditions for economic growth and prosperity that lifts people up and puts more money in their pockets. Chambers believes when Hoosiers are economically secure, their health is better, their housing is better, their education is better, their family is better, and their quality of life is better. To him that means government can be smaller and taxes lower.

I could not agree more with all.

As Indiana’s Secretary of Commerce from 2021-2023, Chambers built a dynamic team and implemented an aspirational, strategic plan that proved Indiana could win in the global economy, attracting and retaining businesses both small and large that provide high-wage careers for Hoosiers. In just those 2 years, his leadership of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation fostered a historic $51 billion in new committed capital investment, growing state revenues and creating tens of thousands of high wage careers with wages 30% higher than at any time in state history. Including 2 new high-wage industries: semiconductors and EV batteries.

Chambers’ detailed “Play to Win” plan for our economy includes the following pillars: 1) Play Economic Offense 2) Strategically Invest in Indiana’s Infrastructure 3) Ensure Energy Affordability, Resource Adequacy and Reliability 4) Strategically Lower Taxes 5) Support Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses 6) Make Indiana a Top State for Entrepreneurship 7) Build a Workforce of the Future 8) Protect Farmers and Invest in the Future of Agriculture 9) Invest in All Hoosier Communities and 10) Make Housing Available and Affordable for All Hoosiers.

This is the plan Indiana needs to continue our unprecedented economic momentum and to continue to boost our per capita income, which unfortunately still lags the nation’s. Coupled with his Learn More, Earn More; Protect and Serve; Safe Online; and Combatting China plans, Chambers has a comprehensive, fiscally conservative vision for Indiana like no other of his political rivals.

I urge you to join me in supporting Brad Chambers for governor so he can bring that vision to life. Learn more at

Tom Jones, New Albany