La Porte County Herald Dispatch: Gubernatorial candidate Chambers holds listening session in La Porte

By Elizabeth Bunton
La Porte County Herald-Dispatch

La PORTE, Ind. — A Republican gubernatorial candidate included La Porte in his state-wide tour this past weekend.

Brad Chambers, a former Secretary of Commerce, held a listening session with community members on Saturday at the La Porte Civic Auditorium.

Chambers, who is running for Indiana governor as a conservative Republican, has been touring across the state with a total of 350 stops within the last six months.

“I think any leader, it’s essential to be a good listener,” Chambers said about what his tour encompasses.

“Too many politicians are talkers, but they don’t say anything – they just talk. They don’t listen,” he added.

The main objective of his state-wide tour, according to Chambers, is to listen to as many Hoosiers as possible to shape and form his policies.

“The only way you can run the state, the only way to be a good leader, the only way to be the CEO of Indiana is by listening to people,” Chambers said.

Chambers said concerns and problems change throughout Indiana.

“They comment to me about ‘this is what is important in our part of the state,’ and that ends up in my policies,” he said.

According to Chambers, his policies currently include growing the economy, investing in communities, improving quality of life through higher wages, and fixing issues he said need to be fixed, such as education, supporting the police, mental health and health care.

“We’re very policy focused. We put out policy on education, put a policy out on public safety, online safety kids, economic development, and so a lot of what I hear in these listening sessions – what I hear goes into our polices,” Chambers said.

He shared how he recently met with 125 farmers in a barn in Kingman, Indiana.

“Their views, and their interests, and their opinions are very different than what you’ll find in even La Porte,” Chambers said.

According to Chambers, another fact that sets him apart from his competitors, is that he is not a career politician.

“Never run for office before, this – I’ve never dreamed of running for office. But I believe that bringing fresh eyes to government is important,” Chambers said.

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