FOX 59: Indiana gubernatorial candidates speak on respective campaigns as election year begins

By David Gay
FOX 59/CBS 4

INDIANAPOLIS — In 2024, the state of Indiana will have a new governor, with Eric Holcomb, the current Republican governor of Indiana, not being able to seek reelection in 2024 because of term limits.

Throughout 2023, and even into 2022, a number of people have thrown their hat into the ring, announcing that they plan to run for the position. Many of the candidates have spent portions of the last year speaking with Hoosiers, seeing what they want out of a governor.

FOX59/CBS4 spoke with each of the candidates who have announced their intentions to run for governor so far. Take a look at what they had to say as their campaigns move into 2024.

Brad Chambers

In August 2023, Indiana’s former Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers announced his intention to run for governor. According to previous reports, Chambers filed his formal paperwork with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office on Aug. 17 to establish his campaign committee for governor.

Chambers, a self-proclaimed “political outsider,” claimed on his campaign website that he is the only candidate who has never run for office before. Chambers said his two-year term as the state’s Secretary of Commerce was “historic,” leading the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to secure more than $33 billion of committed capital investments.

Chambers told FOX59/CBS4 that he is a lifelong Hoosier and an entrepreneur. Chambers said he has worked in the Indiana business community for 40 years.

“I live the American dream here in Indiana and Indiana has been… a part of my story,” Chambers said. “Midwest and Hoosier values are critically important and I’m grateful for this journey.”

Chambers stressed that Indiana has an opportunity to improve, including education, supporting first responders and addressing mental health challenges. However, Chambers said that the state can only improve when the overall state’s economy is growing.

“I think a growing economy has the ability to touch every Hoosier. I believe that when Hoosiers are economically secure and economically prosperous…. their health is better, their education is better and their housing is better,” Chambers said.

Throughout his campaign so far, Chambers has released three plans, including the “safe online” plan, the “protect and serve” plan and the “combating China” plan.

During his time as Secretary of Commerce, Chambers said he developed aspirations for the position while working with Holcomb and seeing what needed to be brought to the position.

Chambers believes his lack of political experience makes him stand out in comparison to the other candidates, he said.

“I’ve never been in politics,” Chambers said. “…I’ve never done this before. My decision-making is more strategic and long-term, like a business guy. I think politics and politicians have short term decision making processes that revolve around getting reelected and that’s not my view.

“I think my business background, my lack of political aspirations, running a larger business (makes me stand out),” Chambers continued. “I truly believe that our economy can do better. I proved that it can do better. I believe that growth touches all Hoosiers and lifts people up and I think that’s foundational for our future growth.”

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