Brad Chambers Releases Plan to Combat the Threat of China

INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 5, 2023) – Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers today released his plan to combat the threat of China to Indiana and Hoosiers by prohibiting the sale of the state’s real property to countries that pose a threat to the United States, including China; protecting Indiana’s intellectual property; and addressing the threat of Chinese-owned TikTok, among other proposals.

The Combating China plan is accompanied by the launch of his latest television ad titled “TikTok,” which began airing statewide today.

“The threat of China continues to have far-reaching consequences that we cannot continue to ignore,” stated Chambers. “That’s why, as governor, I’ll take action to stop China’s theft of our state’s intellectual property, its callous distribution of deadly fentanyl to Hoosiers and the hypnotizing effects of TikTok on our children.”

The Combating China plan:

  • Prohibits the sale of Indiana real property to countries that pose a threat to the United States, including China
  • Protects Indiana’s intellectual property
  • Addresses the threat of Chinese-owned TikTok
  • Stops the fentanyl epidemic support by Chinese precursor chemicals
  • Bolsters Indiana’s role in ensuring the United States’ independence from China in semiconductors

You can read the full plan by clicking here.



Brad Chambers (BC): China is a threat we cannot ignore. They steal our intellectual property. They threaten our jobs and security.

BC: I’m Brad Chambers. I’m a businessman. To build an economy of the future, we must have the courage to stop China.

BC: Stop them from buying Hoosier farmland. Stop them from shipping fentanyl-laced pills to our kids and hypnotizing them with TikTok. The bottom line: Stop China.

Narration: Brad Chambers, self-made businessman. The only real outsider for governor