ABC 25: Gubernatorial candidate Brad Chambers speaks on ‘record-breaking’ economic development

By David Gay
ABC 25

INDIANAPOLIS — Brad Chambers, a Republican gubernatorial candidate and the state’s former secretary of commerce, released a statement on Wednesday about the state’s economic development status.

Chambers reports that the state of Indiana saw a “record-breaking year for economic development,” as well as an “all-time record in planned capital investment and increased average hourly wages.”

“Indiana is great, but these numbers prove that we can be even better,” Chambers said in the release. “I’m proud of the team at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation for continuing Indiana’s winning tradition and the unprecedented momentum of the last two years — a tradition I’ll continue as the state’s next governor. Playing economic offense to attract future-focused industries with higher wages is essential to keeping our kids and grandkids here and improving quality of life in Indiana.”

In the statement, Chambers cites figures discussed during a recent meeting of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. The IEDC reported in 2023, Indiana reported $28.7 billion in capital expenditures. This comes after $22.2 billion in capital expenditures was reported in 2022. Chambers also cited a record high in average hourly wages of $36.07.

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